A Hobby became a Passion and the Passion became a Business...

Violet Wu, owner of Little Shop of Adventures, grew up going to garage sales with her father who taught her that "someone else's trash is someone else's treasure" - English Proverb. This triggered a sense of appreciation and obsession for her love of antiques and vintage collectables at a very young age, which continued to be with her all the way into adulthood.


When she got married and started a family of her own, her love for toys, practical items for daily use, fashion items and so much more was added on to her multitudes of obsessions.  To some these items may be regular day items or old toys and/or just simple fashion but to her, just like how books can transport a reader to various adventures, she feels her products/items can do the same thing by taking the buyer on various adventures through their appreciation for their purchase by using their imagination. 

What better way to share all of her hobbies and loves than to share it with the world through her little shop.


Enjoy your shopping Adventure in our Shop and may you share your new found Adventures with those you love and care for.