16th Aug 2010
Review of Volcano Island on AppStoreArcade: a whopping 8.5 points!

15th Aug 2010
Join the forum discussion : touchArcade forum thread on Volcano Island.

10th Aug 2010
TouchGamePlay YouTube channel mentioned about our game and created a very nice gameplay trailer. You can watch it here.

Volcano Island

Once a quiet peaceful heaven, our island is now under the threat of its volcano. Your task is to move the inhabitants to safer places.

Volcano Island is a turn-based strategy game. Before the eruption of the volcano, the island is gradually sinking beneath the ocean. Your challenges are wandering sharks and octopuses. Also there are some people who can't swim. You should accompany them with swimming ones.

Each task is composed of 3 levels. In each level, you have different challenges and tools. And there are 5 different islands to play with.

In trial mode, you can play with "Banana Island" - Level 1.

We know that the game rules are not easy to learn at once. To make things a bit easier, we provided a very comprehensive and easy-to-read help. Volcano Island is one of the few sophisticated games on mobile platforms that can provide you the lasting fun and playing experience even after months or years of playing.

Save the islanders before the eruption!

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Press Release
Volcano Island - Press Release

Cheat Sheet
Volcano Island - Cheat Sheet

Game Video

This is a real game-play video of the iPod version. Also iPad and iPhone versions are available in AppStore. iPad game has no "magnifier" feature, as the screen is large enough to select the individuals. We believe that Volcano Island will be among best iPad strategy games. The game has a little bit tough learning curve which takes some time. But after that, you enjoy one of the most enjoyable iPad strategy game experience.Although it's turn-based, it provides all the vibrancy and flow of a real-time game.

It took more than a year to develop it and I'm very happy that it turned out to be great game. The sound effects, music and graphics are chosen with most care and attention to keep the game-playing experience high.

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How to Play The Game

First of all, I should emphasize this important point: Volcano Island is a turn-based strategy game. It has rather complicated rules and takes some time to get into. But if you give the game a chance, be sure that you'll love it and play it for months, or even years.
"The goal is to rescue all the islanders"

To rescue the islanders, you should move the people to nearby ships. In Level 3, you can use also use choppers.

There are two types of challenges: blood thirsty creatures and people who can't swim. There's only one way to cope with creatures: keep away from them, there's no tool to destroy them neither to make them go away. They'll be around you all the time.

  You can use lifeboats to protect swimmers from sharks, but they're not effective against octopuses. Many of the islanders cannot swim. You should provide someone who can swim on the same hexagon. Keep in mind that each hexagon can contain maximum two people.

Moving People

Person SelectionMoving people and boats are easy. Just drag and drop them. When you start dragging a person or a boat, a magnifier appears. On the magnifier. you can see the person or the boat you're dragging. Be sure that you are moving the right person. If there are two people on the same place, pressing once selects the first person. Pressing twice selects the other one.
Also on the magnifier, you can see the cost of the move. You generally have 3 moves on each turn, but this may increase if you have bonus moves. Of course, on the first turn of each level, you have more moves.
 Eventually, you can move the person within your limits. If the cost of the move is above your limit on this turn, the number on the magnifier turns red, which means that you cannot make this move.

"Making the optimum move within your moves limit is the essential of Volcano Island."

Gaining Points
Scoreboard of Volcano IslandThis is rather complicated. In normal conditions, you gain 1 point for each person you save. But there's more. In any turn, when you save a person, the next move becomes a "x2" opportunity. Which means, the next move, the persons will be multiplied by 2.
And in this move, if you succeed to save anyone, the next move now becomes a "x3" opportunity. The points will be tripled. And any consequent moves with saved people will continue this "x3" opportunity.
 If you fail to save someone in these "x2" or "x3" opportunity states, then the spell is broken and you return to "x1" mode again.
It looks complicated, but you can get it more clearly when you play and observe the way your points grow. On the scoreboard, you can see all the necessary information you need.
Also you can see the actual point multiplier. If you calculate your moves according to the point multiplier, you increase your high scores enormously.

 Lives / Tolerable Losses

Bonus lives in Volcano IslandOf course, the ultimate goal is to rescue all the people. But you have always some margins. For example, in the first level, you have 2 tolerable losses, in the second level you have 1 and in the third level, unfortunately none. But you can overcome this hardship by carrying your unused lives to next levels.
For example, you have 2 lives in the first level. If you complete the first level with no loss or one loss at most, you carry a bonus life to the second level. On the other hand, if you consume 2 lives, you pass to the second level but you can't carry a bonus life.
Continuing with the example, you carried this bonus life to the second level. You have the luxury to spend this bonus life. If you spend this one bonus life at most, you again carry one bonus life to the third level. Again, the best way is to play and see how it works.

Characters of Volcano Island

 Moves 1 place at each turn, can eat swimming people and can appear from vanishing island parts.
Moves and appears the same way shark does; but in addition to eating swimming people, octopus can eat boats. The most dangerous thing in the game.

The island is composed of hexagons and there are two types of it: yellow and green . Yellow components are sand and green components are forest. After each turn, a component sinks beneath the sea.

  The Volcano
This is the infamous volcano of our Volcano Island. You'll notice that the smoke of the volcano changes after all the sand part sinks beneath the sea. The volcano explodes after the island completely sinks. The volcano is not dangerous by itself but only is an indicator of the island's status. Even the final explosion is not fatal to islanders.
The islanders are not safe enough until they're in a ship or a chopper. Ships have unlimited space and they have a fixed location. Unfortunately, they keep some distance from the volcano, so they're a bit far. In some levels, some ships arrive later. You should plan your moves according to the arrival times of the ships.
Choppers arrive on Level 3. In this level, they provide you additional help besides ships. Unfortunately, you don't know the exact location that the chopper lands. And also, the capacity of the chopper is limited to 4.
Boats carry 2 people and besides that, they protect you from sharks. Unfortunately, they're defenseless against the octopuses. You can carry any person to a boat, but reverse is not possible, you cannot move a person out of the boat. Boats appear underneath the melting island parts. In Levels 2 and 3, also airplanes drop parachutes containing lifeboats.
In Levels 2 and 3, airplanes drop parachutes containing lifeboats. The frequency of the arrivals of the airplane differs in each island scenario and level.

Some Screenshots

Menu Screen of Volcano Island   Banana Island
Airplane dropping parachute   San Theodoros Island with lots of Loch Lomond bottles
  • In the first turns try to move the islanders inside or safe places on sea. There's a grace period before the island melts. Use this period wisely.
  • Calculate the flow of you bonus moves. 3 moves per turn is not enough, you need bonus moves.
  • Plane and chopper arrives at fixed intervals (depending on island and level), guessing this interval correctly is crucial
  • The golden rule in this game is : "Don't make any any unnecessary moves". For example, if you spend a couple of moves going north and then decide to go south and spending some moves again is not wise. You fall into this trap especially you're running away from a creature. Try reducing these inefficient moves.

The Flavors of 5 Islands

Banana Island

This is a classical Volcano Island, with tropical vegetation.There are two ships, one always arrives later.The positions of the ships switch on each level.Especially the first level is very easy.
You can use Banana Island for training yourself.
San Theodoros

It's the largest of all islands, therefore most populous one. At first it may feel overwhelming but this island is not as hard as it seems.
The name San Theodoros comes from one of the adventures of Tintin.

Wasabi Island

With Japanese flavors, this island is also very fun to play. The island is virtually composed of two parts. After a few turns, the two parts are isolated to form two separate islands.
Two boats are available.

Isla Nublar

Trying to rescue the islanders over
 the land filled with dinosaur fossils and footprints.

Fable Island

Fable Island is actually composed of two islands.
The island contains mystical, cute and toy-like
elements; but on the other hand,
it's one of the hardest islands to play on.